The Blackbird

trad. Set Dance

Mit freundlicher Erlaubnis von Michael Tubridy

You can find the tune and the dance as well as many explanations about it in the book “A Selection of Irish Traditional Step Dances” by Michael Tubridy, published 1998 by Brooks Academy (ISBN 0 9533637 0 8).

The book and a cassette recording of the music for the dances are available by:
The Brooks Academy:

This Tune you can also find in the book “Irish Traditional Music” by Méabh Ní Lochlainn (compiled by Michael Tubridy), published by the CraobhNaití Branch of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann.

Wir danken Marion für Ihre Mühe beim Erstellen der Quellen !!

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Klaus P., 15. November 2005
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